Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let's talk

I am somewhat of a streaky person. I'll post for a few weeks, then go on a year-long hiatus. I'll publish something, then think, "Oh yeah, the blog." I have no idea what's going on in the blogosphere with Quakers or anyone else over the past year, so I feel like I'm starting new - from scratch. The reason I am publishing today is because I have an essay in Freinds Journal and I am wondering if I'll get any comments on my claims that Quakerism need be identified with a Christ-centered faith if it is to be relevant - or successful - in our future. I am looking forward to beginning some conversations with other Friends who disagree, or agree, that Jesus of Nazareth is integral to the Quaker faith. This post is an invitation to have such conversations, and I hope I get a response or two. Blessings, scot miller

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david said...

I am disappointed to note that you have had no comments to your excellent article. Here in Waterford, Ireland I came across a Friends' Journal with this article in it, and was so impressed with its succinct reasoning that I have through Google found this blog and the very article.
'The hodge podge of relativity' does portray what I at times fear some friends seek. Here in Ireland we are what our friends in England call more Christo centric, and indeed on my attendance at meeting in England this seems more noticeable
As one who is still an attender and who has as yet not sought to pursue deeper commitment to the Society, I found this piece most reassuring.
My wife comes from an old Quaker family [Thistlethwaite] and we were married in Brigflatts, the second oldest meeting house. I was already versed in the writing of Fox and Barclay, and your article has struck several chords.