Sunday, July 27, 2008

Constantine welcomes "Legion" to the Church

This picture of two of our gilts prompts me to think of a few things, the most obvious represented by the title. Secondly, I am reminded of a hippy friend I had back in Detroit who wouldn't call "bad" people pigs because it was an insult to pigs. Third, Tim Seid Ph. D of Earlham, once said he was only interested in Quaker blogs that had something relevant to say, and I'm interested in discovering the worthiness of this post. Finally, I just wanted to post a picture of pigs in hopes of encouraging new readership. People just love pigs, sometimes to scratch behind the ears, sometimes with applesauce.


julie said...

I particularly like pigs with pears and raisins.

Laurie Kruczek said...

I like pigs for breakfast lunch and dinner, whether at the table or on the table.

Maybe I should think of a way to use pigs AS a table?