Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh, he's just a guy saying that

I find it interesting that in the pursuit of equality between sexes, which should never have had to been pursued in the first place (the church has been a little behind), women continue to get the crappy end of the stick. In a movement that suggests women have been viewed solely as objects of sexual desire/fulfilment for males, or objects of sexual desire that also birth male heirs and house help, I fail to see how equality has been reached for females in the past four decades, other than the ability to perform as wage slaves, or successfully exploit wage slaves while earning lesser wages than their male counterparts for the same work. The main thrust of what I see as the biggest injustice, is that women are still viewed primarily as fodder for the ever prowling male libido, or ego. (is the really a difference?)

What seems to have happened is that while women have continued to be mostly rejected as equals in a continuing male dominated world, Western, and especially American women, tend to view themselves as being liberated primarily through a variety of expressions concerning sexual freedom. While I can definitly relate to an all out battle for a womans demand for orgasmic opportunity to be fully met, I have a hard time understanding how the ability to freely participate in a culture dominated by unhealthy, (i.e. exploitative) and still male dominated, views of sexuality and womens health concerns, equalls true freedom. Sexual fulfilment within the confines of covenant relationships are healthy. Male and female counterparts parading their availability in a context of free market intimacy is simply giving in to the ever present male need for constant stimulation, leaving women as nothing more than the sex objects they have always been to the male point of view, only now they are also responsible for supporting the family as well as doing the chores.

What might really address the problem is an all out assault on male dominance and privilege, instead of acquiesence tothe female quest for sexual opportunity that allows everyone to let their hair down, but not their guard. And for all you women in committed relationships, demand those orgasms!

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